About Us

AM PM (HK) Limited is a one-stop service agency that brings unique concepts to life. From ideas development, design to production and on-site management,
we are professional at taking care of these areas.

We believe that every brand, every event, and every message has a story to tell. That's why we're dedicated to being your complete creative and production solutions partner, with a focus on the power of storytelling. We don't just offer services; we craft narratives.

Our Services

Event Management and Production

From concept to execution, we turn your ideas into unforgettable experiences by weaving narratives that resonate with your audience. It's not just an event; it's a storytelling journey.

Marketing & Promotions

In a crowded marketplace, your brand's story is what sets you apart. Our experts craft marketing strategies that revolve around your unique narrative, ensuring your message reaches and captivates your target audience.

Creative & Design

Creativity is at the heart of every great story. Our designers bring your brand to life through visuals and designs that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also narratively compelling.

Multimedia Production

Video is a powerful storytelling medium, and our multimedia production team is here to create engaging content that tells your story effectively, whether through video, animation, or interactive experiences.


Our Founder | Jim Kwong


The multi-talented individual behind it all – Jim Kwong. With a bachelor's degree in Human Resources and Marketing from Lingnan University in Hong Kong, Jim has spent 26 years in the entertainment industry. Starting as a DJ at New City Radio at the age of 15, Jim later moved on to Cable TV and TVB, hosting entertainment and sports programs, even covering events like the Tokyo Olympics.

But jim isn't just about being in the spotlight. He is an entrepreneur at heart, having founded various businesses, including a modelling agency, moving and storage company, entertainment production company, and IP character company. In 2020, Jim established AM PM Agency, specializing in Multimedia Production (e.g.TV shows & TVC), event planning and management (e.g. Shopping Mall Decoration), Creative and Design (3D/2D design) and Marketing and Promotion (e.g. Digital Marketing Campaign).

For Jim, entrepreneurship is all about taking calculated risks, as he believes, "In every crisis, there's an opportunity. and with us, it's not just business; it's all about storytelling."